About Miramar

Miramar's main activity is to import seafood products to the Scandinavian market. We are today mainly packing our products in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Spain, and Italy.

Miramar offers fish and shellfish for every situation – from everyday food to food for special occasions. We have a wide assortment of both traditional and new products. Miramar's business concept is to produce new user-friendly products that are suitable for our consumers.

Our goal is to initiate new food trends and to question dated and accustomed designs that are not appropriate for today’s consumers. We aim to provide enjoyable food and innovation. It is important for us that our consumers are confident of our reliability. A part of our work is to always give correct information to our consumers about when, where, and how our products are produced. We package our products at their net weight, which means that we compensate for the weight for glazing that is added to our fish to protect the product from drying out. Information is provided about origin, fishing zone, and the Latin name of our products on all packaging.

Besides packing and offering retail/catering products, we are involved in trading seafood products, primarily Illex squid from the South Atlantic.

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